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Judicial Bonds

Surety protection for plaintiffs or defendants in legal cases.

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Judicial bonds are written for parties to lawsuits or other court actions (plaintiffs and defendants). In anticipation of a favorable judgment, plaintiffs often want to take possession of the property, cash, or merchandise in question without waiting for the trial. Those who are financially reliable can often achieve that goal by posting plaintiff’s court bond.

Plaintiff Bonds

The plaintiff’s bond is usually required to protect the defendant should the court decide that they, and not the plaintiff, is entitled to the property or the judgment.

Common types of plaintiff bonds include:

  • Indemnity to sheriff bonds protect the sheriff against suit when dispossessing a person of property or goods.
  • Cost bonds guarantee payment of trial costs.
  • This also includes cost on appeal, injunction, attachment, objecting creditors, replevin, and petitioning-creditors-in-bankruptcy bonds.
Defendant Bonds

The second type of judicial bond is the defendant’s bond. A defendant in a court case might want a bond to counteract the effect of the bond that the plaintiff has furnished.

Some common types of defendant’s bonds include:

  • Release of attachment and counter replevin bonds have proven to be more hazardous than plaintiffs’ bonds. Accordingly, they can only rarely be written without the posting of adequate collateral to protect the surety from loss.
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Source: CNA Surety. Reprinted with permission.

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