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Public Official Bonds

Public official bonds guarantee taxpayers that the official will do what the law requires.

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A public official is expected to “faithfully perform” the duties of the office. For this reason, bonding public officials is highly important. It isn’t enough to simply buy honesty insurance. “Faithful performance” is not synonymous with “honesty.” It may include honesty along with many other important factors.

What do public official bonds do?

For instance, a county treasurer may have lost funds through a failure of a bank they thought was sound. If the treasurer did not obtain proper depository security, they could be held liable for restitution. The county treasurer could easily prove that they did not act “dishonestly.” However, they would have difficulty proving that they “faithfully performed” their duty.

Public employee bonds are also available for bonding the subordinates of the public official (those people who are not required by statute to be bonded). Those subordinates need to be bonded for dishonesty only.

Public official bonds may be written for individuals or, where the law allows, on a blanket bond form.

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Source: CNA Surety. Reprinted with permission.

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