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Keep Yourself Safe from Cyber Monday Scams

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving when customers shop online for the best deals for the holidays. Electronics, toys, and clothes are available at the lowest prices of the year. Sadly, scammers try to trick unsuspecting online shoppers. We’ve made a list of tips to keep you safe from Cyber Monday scams.

  • Know the signs of phishing – Phishing scams are messages sent via email or text message trying to get your bank account or credit card numbers. If you are suspicious of a message, call your bank’s corporate phone number to check if the message is real.
  • If it doesn’t come directly from the company, it probably isn’t real – Scammers set up fake websites and payment options claiming to be a secondary source for other companies. If the company’s site doesn’t claim to have the same deal, it probably isn’t real.
  • Don’t click unspecified links on social media – Scammers will create fake social media accounts to post links to deals that don’t actually exist. Once you click the link, the scammer will either get access to your account or be able to access your financial information.

It is important to always cross-reference the source of any link you come across during this time. Do not become a victim of a scammer.

Don’t forget to protect your business from scams and data breaches. Employees may get curious and click links for good deals and cost your company thousands of dollars. Contact us to learn more about Cyber Liability Insurance.