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Personal Umbrella Policy

Fall means football, and that means fans are getting together in living rooms and backyards everywhere to cheer on their favorite team—and maybe even engage in a good old game of backyard football.

But what happens if your friend dives for a catch and ends up in the hospital? Or a neighborhood kid takes a tough tackle and suffers a serious injury? Unfortunately, a friendly scrimmage can sometimes result in expensive hospital bills and potential lawsuits.

That’s where a personal umbrella policy comes into play. With proper underlying coverage in place, a PUP increases overall liability coverage with an extra layer of protection beyond what’s covered by homeowners and auto insurance policies. A low-cost personal umbrella protects your family from hefty judgments stemming from catastrophic lawsuits.

Don’t fumble and let the fallout from an accident on your property cost you a large amount of money. Having a PUP gives you the coverage they you need—for football season and beyond.

Learn more about personal umbrella exposures. For more information on the PUP, contact Nadine at 877-376-8676 ext.116 or visit our PUP webpage Umbrella Insurance.