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The Benefits of Travel Insurance

By May 10, 2021October 4th, 2021Information, Insurance, Tips

As pandemic restrictions are lifted, you may be planning a vacation for yourself or your family this summer. Traveling is supposed to be relaxing, but trips are always at risk of being impacted by unexpected events. Sickness, accidents, and major life changes before or during a trip can throw a wrench in your travel plans, and travel insurance can help with the losses.

Life can be unpredictable, and you may need to cancel your trip if an issue occurs before your vacation. Many businesses will not refund the price of a trip if you are unable to make it and may even charge a penalty for a last-minute cancellation. Some travel policies offer trip cancellation coverage. This coverage can be used to reimburse you for unused, non-refundable, trip costs in the event of illness, injury, or death, adverse weather, job loss, or other uncontrollable situations.

During a trip, sickness or injury may cause you to have to leave early or be unable to travel back home. Trip interruption coverage may reimburse you for non-refundable trip costs that remain if you must cut the trip short and return home due to yourself or a family member becoming ill or sustaining an injury. Travel policies will cover your medical expenses, including ambulance rides, if you are injured or sick in a foreign country and need care. Most regular health insurance policies do not cover medical expenses in foreign countries.

How can you enjoy your vacation if you have none of your necessary, personal items? Losing items while traveling can cause a large financial burden on the traveler. Travel insurance can reimburse you for any personal items that may be damaged or lost. The policy can also provide a baggage delay plan to cover the expense of any necessary purchases you must make if your bags are delayed during vacation.

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered in the event of an unexpected interruption to your travel plans. Due to the pandemic, there are restrictions in place for certain policies at this time. Contact us now at 877-376-8676 to find out how you can be covered.