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University to Offer Auctioneer Degree Program

Clarion University will offer an associate degree program in auctioneering at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh beginning in January.

It is the only auctioneering program approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Auctioneer Examiners in western Pennsylvania and the only one in the state to award a university associate degree.

Courses will be offered Saturdays and Sundays until May. Upon completion of the 15-weekend auctioneering component, students will have earned 20 credits toward a 60-credit Clarion University Associate of Applied Science in Administration Technology degree, with a concentration in auctioneering. After successfully completing the 20 auctioneering credits, students will be able to take the Pennsylvania State Auctioneer’s License Exam and upon passing this exam, will become a Pennsylvania Licensed Auctioneer.

The technical component of the auctioneering program is designed to provide students with knowledge of the techniques, procedures, and principles of communication, appraisal, management, marketing and law necessary to conduct a successful auction in Pennsylvania. It also includes a practical field experience of on-the-job training with Pennsylvania licensed auctioneers.

The general education component provides students with an educational foundation that will help them in operating an auctioneering business.

The 240 auctioneering classroom hours will take place at Clarion University Pittsburgh Site at West Penn Hospital School of Nursing, 4900 Friendship Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15224 over the course of 15 weekends beginning on January 28.

Students will be taught by lecture, discussion and a variety of other sources. Students will be required to complete assignments and pass exams for each of the six courses. Sixty hours of practical field experience with Pennsylvania licensed auctioneers under the direction of the instructor will also be required. 

To enroll in the auctioneering program, please apply to Clarion University online at Follow all the instructions on the application. List Administration Technology as your academic major choice. List A. A. S. (Associate of Applied Science) as the degree sought and write in Auctioneering to designate this as the program of your choice. Please choose Spring 2012 for the semester and year of application.

It takes about two weeks to receive a notice of acceptance to Clarion University. Please contact Dr. William Hallock at [email protected] or 814-676-6591, Ext. 1307 for advisement on the specifics of the program and how to proceed.

The cost for the 20 auctioneering credits is $5,880, plus the cost of books.