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Water Damage Mitigation: What You Should Know

By February 16, 2021October 4th, 2021Information, Insurance, Tips

Water damage as a result of frozen or broken water pipes is the most frequent cause of damage to the home. Repair from water damage is costly and time consuming. Homeowners that have had a leak before are twice as likely to have another.

To avoid the cost and inconvenience of having to repair water damage in your home, automated leak detection and shutoff devices can help.

There are two different types of detection systems available: flow-based and sensor-based systems.

Flow-based water detection systems monitor the flow of water throughout the home 24/7. If the system detects an abnormality in the water flow, it shuts off the water automatically. Some systems even monitor water consumption. These systems can reduce water losses by 93%.

Sensor-based water detection systems rely on information from sensors to detect abnormalities. The sensors are placed under sinks, toilets, and water-based appliances. If the leak reaches the sensor, it sends an alert directly to you and shuts off the water. This system is most useful in smaller homes. The more appliances, the more sensors required. Some systems do not shut off on their own and require you to shut off the water.

Some insurance companies offer a premium credit for the installation and monitoring of water detection systems. The insurance company retains the credit providing the water damage claim is minimal or none.

The credit is available with Chubb. Travelers also offers the credit in their Homeowner Quantum2 program. Contact our agency to see if you qualify!