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What is Nurse Professional Liability Insurance?

By March 30, 2022July 3rd, 2023Information

The pandemic has stretched our nursing professionals thin, giving you more patients than ever and putting you at greater risk of a mistake. A malpractice lawsuit can be made against you for your mistakes and employer provided insurance is focused on protecting your employer – not you. Nurse Professional Liability Insurance provides peace of mind to help protect you.

A lawsuit against you can have major consequences on your career, finances, and nursing license. Your employer’s malpractice insurance may have limitations that keep you from being fully protected. Nurse Professional Liability insurance is designed to put your interests first. Policies can start as low as around $100 for $1,000,000 worth of coverage. The policy can protect you with legal representation against civil lawsuits, licensing protection and board reimbursement, loss of wages, medical payments and more. For nursing fields, policies are available.

Purchasing Nurse Professional Liability insurance ensures that if a claim arises, your interests come first. Protect yourself instead of relying on your employer to protect you. Contact your nurses association to find the policy best for you.