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Your Chances of Getting Sued

Americans have a 10 percent chance of being sued in any given year and a 33 percent chance of being sued in their lifetimes, according to IFG Trust Services Inc., an international investment firm.

Both your home and auto insurance will provide you with a legal defense if you’re sued for an incident that’s covered by your policy. For example, if you are sued because someone is injured on your property, whether inside your home or outside on the sidewalk, your home insurance will provide an attorney.

If a court finds you negligent and awards damages to the other party, your insurance will pay up to the liability limits defined by your policy. But if you have assets to protect, such as a house, business, savings, or investments, you should consider purchasing an umbrella policy that provides liability coverage above and beyond your home and car insurance.

You never know when you could be sued. Protecting your assets should be priority number one.

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